Saturday, April 21, 2012

Devour the Podcast Episode 12: There's a Maniac in the House of Fears!

Devour the Podcast Episode 12

This is a long one folks.  Along with our typical news, we spend a bit of time plugging some sites you should check out, chat about how to properly critique things on the internet (here’s a hint: “IT SUCKS” isn’t it) and make a big announcement!

In our It Came from the Instant Queue this week David and Jamie disagree on House of Fears and for Our Feature Presentation we tackle the 1980 flawed classic, Maniac.


Starting next week with Episode 13 the show will no longer be available through this feed.  Devour the Podcast has joined the podcast network, and will be a available through the new feed (Check back on or next week for the new feed link)

Featured Links from this episode:

Night of the Living Podcast

Occupy Midian

Black Flag TV

Viscera Film Festival
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