Saturday, August 11, 2012

Devour The Podcast Episode 26: Thinner

Welcome back to Devour The Podcast for Episode 26!

This week things are a little bit more low key as David didn’t get enough sleep, we tried (and failed) to introduce a new segment, and we suffered through a bad movie so you don’t have to!

Big thanks to everyone who commented on episode 25, we appreciate it greatly and were glad you guys enjoyed it.

Next week we will officially be debuting  Chew On This, a segment dedicated to a singular topic that we will chat about, and then offer it up to you, the listeners to give us your thoughts on it. This week (despite being lost) the topic was ‘Children and Animals in Horror’

You want News? Well we’ve got some…but not a lot, it was a slow news day.

Del Toro still involved in Disney’s Haunted Mansion film
Anchor Bay picks up Demented zombie film
Dark Sky Films unleashed the creature feature Hypothermia in October
Lionsgate possibly rebooting Saw? Or maybe Twilight?......or maybe Saw 8…..
Lionsgate also brings us Séance: The Summoning this October

It Came From The Instant Queue:

Terror Trap (2010)


Our Feature Presentation:

Thinner (1996)


Next Week:

We’re going in Absentia  (2011) for our It Came From The Instant Queue
We chase after The Tall Man (2012) for Our Feature Presentation

Special shout out to the guys over at  as Jamie will be appearing on episode 46 (should be hitting the internet Monday 8/13) so check that out, and just give them a listen.

Sometime this weekend you’ll be seeing the much talked about Devour The Leftovers (Bonus content and outtakes) episode so keep your eyes peeled for that, there’s a special announcement in that episode.

As always thank you for listening and feel free to call, write or tweet in, we love to hear from you guys!

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