Saturday, November 17, 2012

Devour The Podcast 40: Drácula

Here it is ladies and gentleman, Episode 40 of Devour the Podcast!

This week, Bo makes it for his 10th episode due to travel plans suddenly changing and David manages to get through the entire episode despite being sick and more or less losing his voice through out.


Walking Dead discussion (Contains spoilers)

American Horror Story: Asylum discussion (Contains spoilers for parts 1 and 2 of I am Anne Frank)

Random discussion of Sasquatch and their polite Canadian brethren……No seriously


-American Horror Story will have a 3rd season

-Godzilla begins shooting in March of 2013

-Nicholas Brendon and Amber Chaney join The Morningside Monster

-Even more viral marketing for Carrie

-Barbara Crampton and Nick Principe join the cast of Die, Maniacs, Die

It Came From the Instant Queue:


Bo: 3.5/5

David: 3.5/5

Jamie: 3.5/5

Our Feature Presentation

Drácula (Spanish Dracula)

Bo: Skip it

David: Conditional Buy

Jamie: Rent

Next week we tackle another Bava film in Lisa and the Devil for our It Came From The Instant Queue selection along with a review of the Jack Ketchum/Lucky McKee film The Woman (previously reviewed on episode 2)

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  1. Hey guys, Chris here. Another great show. Still catching up on your shows. I do see what you mean, that Jamie is starting to create an army LOL. She's trying to take over Hehehehehe.

    Hey, are any of you 3 movie prop & replica collectors?? I ask because I am, along with watching the movies. Also the mask name is pronounced, "Moff". The "E" is silent hahahahaha.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next show, and have a Happy & safe Thanksgiving. Stay Scary.. Chris

  2. OOOPs. I meant to say "My last name". All this horror talk is messing with my brain LOL.