Saturday, December 1, 2012

Devour The Podcast Episode 42: The Crow

Devour The Podcast 42

Welcome back to another episode of Devour the Podcast.

Spoiler Warning: American Horror Story/Walking Dead spoilers from 24:19-39:23

This week is a jam packed episode featuring:

-David discusses Hostel 2’s Eli Roth/Gabe Roth/Quentin Tarantino commentary track as well as Hostel

-Rob Zombie’s Halloween commentary is incredibly boring

-August Underground not as bad as David expected

-David and Jamie rip on The Collector

-Recap and discussion of Walking Dead and American Horror Story


-Eduardo Sanchez is making a Bigfoot film called Exists

-MGM is talking about remaking The Town That Dreaded Sundown

-Dunstan and Melton are working on the God of War adaptation, claiming it won’t just be another Clash of the Titans or Immortals rip off

-Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady to star in The Purge

-All Superheroes Must Die is Kick Ass meets Saw……if you say so…

-More Carrie news!

-And the award for most obvious statement of the year goes to Corey Feldman, tells Movieweb that Lost Boys 4 is dead……well no shit….

-The Vampire Facelift………I wish I was kidding folks….

It Came From The Instant Queue:

Midnight Movie (2008)




Our Feature Presentation:

The Crow (1994)




Coming Up:

We finish off the show with a voicemail from listener James (Er Mah Gersh), emails from Iris and Paula and a heartfelt email from Gary that leads to an introspective conversation to end the show on a somber note.

Next week we’re kicking things off with Waxwork for our Instant Queue selection and for our feature, we tackle the bizarre, bloody and incredibly strange Excision.

While you’re at it, why not swing by and check out DTP superfriends Iris and Jesse’s new podcast where they discuss the 1995 film Fist of the Northstar on their very first episode.

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  1. I got the ending of this season's of AHS, figured out, I think. Not sure if I should say it here.