Saturday, March 16, 2013

Devour the Podcast 57: The Scream Retrospective Part 2: Scream 2

A real life Stab 2? Why? Sequels Suck……

Welcome back to another episode of Devour the Podcast and part 2 of our Scream Retrospective.

This week:

-Jamie gives us her best game show intro which leads to madness
-Bo got all up in Salems Lot
-David talks Team America, Blood Boobs and Beast, Everything or Nothing and the first hour of Manhunter
-80’s Vampire project
-Designing Women references? Really?

-Carrie the Musical is coming to LA…….god help us all….
-The Black Dahlia Haunting gets US Distribution
-Wes Craven talks about Scream 5
-Famous Monsters team up in Monster X………because we need a Monster Avengers?
-Evil Dead 2 script is in the works
-Frances Conroy talks AHS season 3
-Maniac remake FINALLY gets a release date of June 21st
-James McAvoy says those Crow rumors ‘Not for real’
-Hey remember that Poltergeist remake no one asked for? It’s got a director again!

It Came From the Instant Queue:

Darkness Falls (2003)
Bo: 2/5
David: 2/5
Jamie: 2/5

Our Feature Presentation:

Devour the Podcast Presents: The Scream Retrospective: Part 2

Scream 2 (1997)
Bo: B-
David: A-
Jamie: B

Next week:

We’re taking a chance on the Japanese film Black Rat for our Instant Queue selection, and rounding the bend on the Scream Retrospective with Scream 3.

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