Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Devour the Podcast 80: Listeners Choice-Behind the Mask


Welcome back to Devour the Podcast.

The crew is finally back after a holiday hiatus and boy do we have a doozy of an episode for you!

-Silent Night, Deadly Night and it's remake Silent Night get discussed
-Welcome listener Allen to the DTP family
-Jamie and Bo saw The Hobbit
-Bo doesn't give a shit about Mary Poppins
-The Butler sucked to no ones surprise
-Bo also hated Aftershock
-Bo things Insidious Chapter 2 is dumb
-Devil's Pass can go fuck itself.
-Gorno is indeed an American tragedy
-David watched some fantasy movies


-Netflix adds a bunch of horror movies:
 ~All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
~American Psycho
~The Amittyville Horror
~The Amittyville Horror II
~Amittyville 3
~April Fools Day
~Carrie ('02)
~Cheerleader Massacre II
~Death Race 2000
~Dexter Season 5-8
~The Haunting in Connecticut
~Humanoids from the Deep
~Jacob's Ladder
~The Keep
~The Ninth Gate
~Sorority House Massacre II

-Amittyville found footage movie coming to theaters in January 2015
-The Purge 2 is coming for some reason


The crew tackles The 30 Worst Horror Films of ALL TIME

-It Came From the Instant Queue-

Kill List (2011)

Bo: 3.5/5
David: 3.5/5
Jamie: 3/5

-Our Feature Presentation: Listeners Choice-

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Bo: A
David: A
Jamie: A

Coming Soon:

On episode 81 the crew will take on the UK zombie film Stalled and will all the crew love All the Boys Love Mandy Lane as the feature? Also while its a little late, we'll lay down our Best and Worst of 2013

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