Saturday, June 2, 2012

Devour The Podcast 18: Don't Make Me Return To Sleepaway Camp!

Devour The Podcast Episode 18-Don't Make Me Return To Sleepaway Camp!

Four incredibly long weeks ago we set out on a journey....a journey to Sleepaway Camp.

Now, we've finally reached the end of our journey, coming full circle with the 2008 release from series creator Robert Hiltzik in "Return to Sleepaway Camp"

David has already gone on record (listen to episodes 14-17) as saying he hates this movie....but did this second viewing change his opinion? Did Jamie hate it as much as David?

Did the hosts inadvertently murder each other through the Internet over a bad "Sleepaway Camp" sequel?


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It Came From The Instant Queue:
Hell Night (1981)
David: Recommend 4 out of 5
Jamie: Recommend 5 out of 5

Our Feature Presentation:
The Sleepaway Camp Retrospective Part 5:
Return to Sleepaway Camp
David: Avoid!
Jamie: Conditional Recommendation

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George Romero's Monkey Shines (1988)

Our Feature Presentation:

Pulse aka: Kairo (2001)

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