Friday, June 29, 2012

Devour the Podcast 21: Peeping Tom

Devour The Podcast 21

 Here we are once again with another episode of Devour The Podcast and what a packed episode we’ve got!  You know we plug various podcasts on a regular basis, shows that we support and enjoy, but this week we’ve got a very special plug.  Shane Diablo (co-host of the Corpse Cast) is the drummer of the horror punk band DieMonsterDie and the band has a Kickstarter campaign going on right now to raise money to help release their 8th studio album October 21 1976.

If you’ve never heard DieMonsterDie you can check out their bandcamp page: and download a FREE copy of their album Fall To Your Knees. If you like what you hear, support the band by giving a little money to their Kickstarter or download their other albums from the bandcamp page.

Oh yeah we got news too!

Experience the horror of Barnes Folly
Monsters gets a sequel
Pascal Laugier’s The Tall Man
Munger Road hits DVD in September
Cabin Fever 3?
Chucky’s Back!
Puppet Murders?
Amazon Studios announces its first few projects

It Came From The Instant Queue:
The Fading of the Cries

Our Feature Presentation:
Peeping Tom
David-Recommend, Rent It!
Jamie-Recommend, Rent It!

Thank you for all the support and feedback.

Next Week:

It Came From The Instant Queue:
I’m Not Jesus Mommy

Our Feature Presentation:
The Shadow of Death

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