Saturday, September 8, 2012

Devour The Podcast Episode 30: V/H/S

Devour The Podcast Episode 30

It’s Episode 30 of Devour The Podcast!

This week to celebrate our big 30th episode we are joined by screenwriter and podcaster Bo Ransdell for a little over 2 hours of news, discussion and fun.

SPOILERS FOR V/H/S- 1:28:05 to 1:58:30


Shawn Levy is out of Max Landis’s Frankenstein, but Paul McGuigan is in?
Magnet to release Kiss of the Damned
Joe Hill’s Horn’s finds it’s Lee Tourneau in Max Minghella
Curse of Chucky has official started production
Grave Encounters 2 Trailer is Live
Night of the Living Dead 3D:Re-Animation…because we needed a sequel

It Came From the Instant Queue:
The Baby (1973)

Our Feature Presentation:
V/H/S (2012)

Next Week:
We’re taking things to the extreme, 3 Extremes for our It Came from the Instant Queue and we kick off our second retrospective with Final Destination in Our Feature Presentation

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