Saturday, September 15, 2012

Devour The Podcast Episode 31: Final Destination

Devour The Podcast 31

Welcome back everyone for episode 31 of Devour The Podcast

This week we welcome back Bo Ransdell and sucker him into becoming our new co-host!

This week in the news:

Freestyle Releasing conjures a Jinn
Thale and Byzantium find US Distribution
Joan Allen to topline Stephen King’s A Good Marriage
Michael Bay and James Wong working on Occult for A&E
Spencer Wright to give us Deadlocked and Vampires vs. Leprechauns…….yeah…..
Christina Hendricks talks about How to Catch a Monster
Canadian horror comedy Dead Before Dawn finds US distributor
Carpenter’s Halloween coming back to theaters
Tom Six talks about Human Centipede 3….and we don’t care.

It Came From The Instant Queue:

Our Feature Presentation:  The Final Destination Retrospective
Final Destination
David-Buy It
Bo-Buy It
Jamie-Buy It

Next Week
We take a trip into The Ward for our It Came From the Instant Queue and continue on with our Final Destination retrospective with Final Destination 2.

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