Saturday, October 27, 2012

Devour The Podcast Episode 37: Smiley

Devour The Podcast Episode 37

Welcome back to the final October episode of Devour The Podcast before we unleash our Halloween Special (available midnight on 10/31/12)

Spoilers for Smiley:  1:19:41-1:26:22

This week Bo is out sick and Jamie and David are left to their own devices….

Intro topics include:

Jamie talks about Paranormal Activity 4

David talks about Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

American Horror Story: Asylum episodes 1 and 2

The Walking Dead Season 3 episode 2

Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh kinda sucks

Teen Wolf isn’t as bad as we thought


Elvira returns to the world of comics in 2013

Eli Roth’s Green Inferno has casting news and begins shooting November 5th

New artwork for Final Girl plus synopsis

John Fawcett to direct Orphan Black for BBC America

The Official Red Band Trailer for Evil Dead is here!

Warner Bros. Home Video acquires the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero has a tumblr

Remember the remake for I Spit On Your Grave? Well it’s getting a sequel

It Came From The Instant Queue:
Mario Bava’s Bay of Blood

David-Not Interested


Our Feature Presentation


David: Fuck This Movie

Jamie: Fuck This Movie

Next week:

We’ll be coming off the sugar high of Halloween with some pranks gone wrong as the nerdy girl gets revenge in Tamara and Jamie Lee Curtis and David Copperfield boogie down on in Terror Train.

Thank you to ALL of our listeners, especially everyone who has joined us on the Devour facebook page, we love chatting with all of you, but a special thanks to Mike (of Badasses, Boobs and Bodycounts) Iris and Shawn Gabborin (Angry Gnome Comics) for writing in this week.

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