Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Devour The Podcast Halloween Special 2012

Happy Halloween everyone from Devour The Podcast!

This is one of two Halloween specials that we’ve created for all you wonderful listeners.

You’ll get a little intro from the crew talking about our plans for the holiday as well and then a little over an hour of music in our Halloween Mixtape.

1.    Welcome to my Nightmare-Alice Cooper
2.    Maine Theme from A Nightmare on Elm Street-Charles Bernstein
3.    A Nightmare on My Street-Will Smith
4.    Halloween Theme-John Carpenter
5.    Black Number One-Type O Negative
6.    Halloween 2-The Misfits
7.    Suspiria Theme-Daemonia
8.    Hellraiser Theme-Christopher Young
9.    Ave Satani (Theme from The Omen)-Gregorian
10.    Weird Science-Oingo Boingo
11.    Scary Movies-Pleasant Company
12.    This Is Halloween-Marilyn Manson
13.    American Horror Story Theme-Cesar Davila Irizarry/Charlie Clouser
14.    Return of the Living Dead Theme-Matt Clifford
15.    Day of the Dead-Voltaire
16.    Halloween-Stephen Lynch
17.    Monster Mash-The Misfits
18.    Friday the 13th Main Theme-Harry Manfridini
19.    Candyman Suite-Philip Glass
20.    Transylvania Terror Train-Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures
21.    Phantasm Main Theme-Fred Myrow and Malcom Seagrave

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