Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Devour the Podcast 77: Because Dead Shine All Night Wrong

What in the fuck did I just watch?

Hello and welcome back to Devour the Podcast.

This week the crew tackles the Francis Ford Coppola written and directed Twixt for the instant queue selection and attempt to wrap their brains around the confusing, and yet so engaging Suicide Club.
Also we bicker about the Fast and Furious movies for no real reason.

Also we announce the winner of the Hammer Dracula blu-ray!


-Joe Hill's Tales from the Darkside reboot may just be called Darkside. Everyone agrees this is kinda dumb.
-Insidious Chapter 3 is coming in 2015
-Bill Mosley to star in The Summer I Died
-Winona Ryder isn't spilling any beans on Beetlejuice 2. We can officially relegate this to the Ghostbusters 3 folder.
-Scream Factory picks up the rights to Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers.

It Came From the Instant Queue:
Twixt (2011)

Bo: 2/5
David: 2.5/5
Jamie: 3/5

Our Feature Presentation:
Suicide Club (2001)

Bo: B+
David: B
Jamie: B

Coming Soon:

Despite what is said in the episode, the crew will not be reviewing J.T. Petty's S&Man for the instant queue on episode 78, because its not available. It has been replaced with Ju-On 2. Still reviewing fellow LoEP host Edward Payson's The Cohasset Snuff Film for the feature.

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