Friday, December 13, 2013

Devour the Podcast Episode 78: The Cohasset Snuff Film

Getting all literary on your asses

Welcome back to Devour the Podcast.

Sorry for the delay folks, with the holidays, things have been a bit crazy, but we're back and we're on our A game this episode.


-That Ouija board movie you forgot about is still happening, has a leading man and a plot that sounds reminiscent of Witchboard
-CBS Films to bring us Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
-Carrie remake has some Blu-Ray exclusives
-Chucky is coming back for a 7th film
-New anthology film Sanitarium to feature Lou Diamond Philips. No really

It Came From the Instant Queue

Ju-On 2 (2003)

Bo: 3/5
David: 2.5/5
Jamie: 4/5

Our Feature Presentation

The Cohasset Snuff Film (2012)

Available on VOD January 1st 2014

Bo: D
David: C
Jamie: C-

Coming Soon:

Next episode we tackle the incredibly bizarre Lair of the White Worm for our Instant Queue selection and take on the 1985 clusterfuck that is Lamberto Bava's Demons!

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