Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Devour the Podcast Episode 117: Get Out


That’s right folks, your eyes and ears do not deceive you, Devour the Podcast has returned.

This episode, the whole gang is here to talk about the 2017 knock out horror film Get Out.


-Devour is moving to a monthly schedule, format change up

-Dylan Dog gets an unofficial TV series from Austrian producer/director

-Paramount TV and Anonymous Content set to bring Anne Rice’s vampires to TV.

-Jordan Peele signs first look deal with Universal, and there was much rejoicing

-Insidious Chapter 4 moved to January, Half to Death takes it’s October release date. Is the studio nervous or confident in Insidious? Does anyone but Jamie give a shit about his franchise?

-You seen that Dark Tower trailer?

Our Feature Presentation:

Get Out (2017)

Bo: A+

David: A+

Jamie: A+

Coming Soon:

Next episode we’re jumping right into the shit with Rob Zombie’s 31

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