Monday, June 12, 2017

Devour the Podcast 118: Rob Zombie's 31

Get Fucked Rob Zombie.

Welcome to Devour the Podcast 118.

This month, the crew is joined by Duncan McLeish of The Podcast Under the Stairs to discuss the truly awful, 31.


-Amittyville The Awakening is not coming out this month. Probably never coming out at this rate.

-2EDGEY4ME ALERT: American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon has a trailer

-Arrow releasing Bava classic Kill Baby Kill on Bluray

-Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame announced to join Universals Dark Universe…if it ever gets off the ground.

Our Feature Presentation:

Rob Zombie’s 31

Bo: Fuck this Movie

David: Fuck this Movie

Duncan: Fuck this Movie

Jamie: Fuck this Movie

Coming Soon:

July the DTP crew will be joined by VD Clinic host Vanessa McEnery to discuss the film Ganja and Hess.

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